What is transcreation?

Forget translation. We work with your ideas, not just your words.

Source and target languages are fundamentally different. What works in one might not work in another. The original message was created for people of one language, one culture. We need to bring the message and the idea to people of a different language and culture: the people we are experts in understanding. The phrases, sense of humour, timing or delivery will be different and cannot be translated. Maybe what works in one culture, is taboo in another.

We free ourselves from the source language and think in the target. Well actually, we think about the people in the target language. The ones you want to persuade. The ones you want to act. We won’t produce content that sounds wooden or awkward. If something needs changing, we’ll change it. At the end of the day, we know what will get the best results. We are the experts. Let us take you out of your comfort zone. Trust us.

In short: “We understand where the language comes from. We know where it needs to go.”