Need a conceptual copywriter?

For a stronger brand. For a clearer voice.

You understand your business and products better than anyone else. But are you communicating the right message to your customers? Have you created a business identity that people can connect with?

There’s more to branding than just having a fancy website and sexy logo. Your brand is the face and the voice of your company. It helps customers feel what you are about and is key to your long-term success. Yet more often than not, great visual branding is let down by neglecting one fundamental factor: the written message, the copywriting. Whereas a picture can paint a thousand words, it’s words that help paint the true picture.

Copywriting plays such an important role in establishing how people perceive your brand and comes in many forms. It might be an attention-grabbing headline, a silky slogan, or a persuasive press release or it could be an engaging speech, a viral facebook post or simply clear and concise brand guidelines. Whichever way copy is used in your business, it all gels together to create your brand voice. And once you’ve found it, you need to use it consistently in everything you do.

The style and tone of your brand voice gives your present and future customers – and employees – a true idea of who you are and what you’re about. Get this wrong and you risk bypassing all those people you’re looking to win over. Get it right and you’re in business.

So whether you’re a small start-up (who needs to get the message right from the start), a large established company (who needs to attract new customers) or even a lone ranger (who finds it hard to sell themselves), it’s time to connect with the people who speak your language. It’s time to start speaking their language.

In short: “Don’t underestimate the power of great copy. Find a brand voice that connects with your customers.”

(P.S. If you made it this far, it’s the copy that did it.)