In Deutschland?

We understand you. And then we write in our language.

Wir sprechen zee Deutsch, ja!

All Copy Meister copywriters are native in the language they write in. They are also fluent in German, or have experience of at least one foreign language. This opens up a new level of linguistic understanding that gives you the following benefits:

  • We can do the briefing/conduct meetings in German – which means no extra work for you translating a brief for us. This also reduces the chance of us miscommunicating ideas.

  • We understand when the target language needs to be toned down for an ‘international’ audience. As much as we love writing for natives, sometimes that’s not your target audience.

  • We can also transcreate from German into English. This means taking the original German message and communicating the idea in a way that has the target audience in mind. This isn’t a basic translation that forgets the purpose of the original text. This is a newly created text that will get the results you’re looking for.

In short: “We can brief in German if that makes life easier for you.”