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A good copywriter showcases your work, not theirs.




Need a conceptual copywriter?

For a stronger brand. For a clearer voice.

You understand your business and products better than anyone else. But are you communicating the right message to your customers? Have you created a business identity that people can connect with?

There’s more to branding than just having a fancy website and sexy logo. Your brand is the face and the voice of your company. It helps customers feel what you are about and is key to your long-term success. Yet more often than not, great visual branding is let down by neglecting one fundamental factor: the written message, the copywriting. Whereas a picture can paint a thousand words, it’s words that help paint the true picture.

Copywriting plays such an important role in establishing how people perceive your brand and comes in many forms. It might be an attention-grabbing headline, a silky slogan, or a persuasive press release or it could be an engaging speech, a viral facebook post or simply clear and concise brand guidelines. Whichever way copy is used in your business, it all gels together to create your brand voice. And once you’ve found it, you need to use it consistently in everything you do.

The style and tone of your brand voice gives your present and future customers – and employees – a true idea of who you are and what you’re about. Get this wrong and you risk bypassing all those people you’re looking to win over. Get it right and you’re in business.

So whether you’re a small start-up (who needs to get the message right from the start), a large established company (who needs to attract new customers) or even a lone ranger (who finds it hard to sell themselves), it’s time to connect with the people who speak your language. It’s time to start speaking their language.

In short: “Don’t underestimate the power of great copy. Find a brand voice that connects with your customers.”

(P.S. If you made it this far, it’s the copy that did it.)



You want us to write what!?

A range of expertise. A fountain of creativity.

Whatever the subject, whatever the medium, there’s nothing better than taking your brief (you do have one, right?) and delivering results people can connect with. There’s more to this than just words alone though: you need a copywriter who also comes with ideas. A copywriter whose creative juices flow both when working as part of a team as well as when working alone. And when a job demands a team of creatives, you get that too. Completing one common brief, on brand, in one Tone of Voice.

Our services include:



tone of voice

short copy



case studies 




press releases

brand alignment



facebook ads


internal comms.

long copy

speech writing


white papers



social media





…and more

A creative network

No job too big. No job too small.

While many jobs are perfectly suited to a single copywriter, some projects require all hands on deck. Copy Meister works with some of the finest copywriters on the market to ensure each job is delivered on time, on brief and gets exactly the results you’re looking for. We’re not just writers, we’re conceptual thinkers. Bring us in from the start and we’ll bring more than just our laptops to the table. We know what works and what doesn’t for the English-speaking market and we bring in a breath of fresh air too when good ideas are sometimes hard to come by.

In short: “A variety of skillsets. An unlimited supply of creativity and expertise.”


Copywriter to the rescue!

Copy Meister has saved the day for many great brands. Including these.

One day it’ll be a live social media campaign for a big-brand car launch, the next day it’ll be developing names for simple school notebooks. That’s the beauty and diversity of being a copywriter – and the reason why no job is too large, too difficult or too obscure for true masters of the art. We make ourselves experts in your field, so your customers don’t have to. The brands below are a selection of happy clients.

In short: “Help is only an email or phone call away. Whatever the size of your company, whatever the scope of your project.”



Working on the launch of the new Mazda 6, providing brainstorming, concepts, and copy.



Delivering campaigns, trade fair communication, posters and flyers for a range of Bayer divisions.


Office Depot

Writing copy for Office Depot own-brand products and advertorials as well as corporate brochures.


Tentacle Sync

Creating most of Tentacle Sync’s English material and developing their Syncing Simplicity slogan.



KYOCERA needed copy for infosheets, e-books, microsites and product films.



Supporting another agency, aligning German and English copy for a Europe-wide product launch.



Creating and transcreating a wide range of posters, brochures, campaign slogans and videos.



Putting words to a lot of Busch-Jaeger’s digital home solution product catalogues and other media.



Brainstorming and creating everything from advertorials to mail shots.



A variety of work ranging from social media posts to brochures for both B2B and B2C.



Supporting WHSmith by developing names for some new private brand products.



Helping with the creation of advertorials and testimonials for a Brenntag recruitment drive.

Ready to join this growing list? Get in touch now.


The man behind Copy Meister

A talented copywriter. An asset to brands worldwide.

Daniel Geal.jpg

The founder of Copy Meister is Daniel Geal, an English-speaking senior copywriter with over 10 years’ experience writing copy for some of the greatest clients in the world. Originally from Brighton & Hove in the UK, he’s currently based in Cologne, Germany and works for clients both in-house and remotely. He is also fluent in German, which offers an added bonus for clients who want to brief in the language and he understands the need for high-quality transcreation too. He doesn’t dream of writing a novel, or becoming a journalist: he’s only interested in writing great advertising copy.

“Here at Copy Meister, we’re all word nerds. Yet writing copy isn’t about me or my colleagues trying to prove how great we are at writing. It’s about helping you connect with your customers in your voice. In fact, the hardest copy I’ve personally ever had to write is probably this here, about myself. It’s the most I-centric thing I’ve ever composed. But enough about me – I’d rather focus on you and your customers.”

In short: “British senior copywriter. Writes in English, fluent in German. Focussed on winning you business.”

Our client is very specific about what they want and when they want it. Not only does Daniel provide the native English copy, he’s an idea-bringer too. We give him a brief and know he will go away and come back with exactly what we’re looking for. The fact we can brief in German makes the whole process far easier and means we don’t get caught up in unnecessary work beforehand, saving us valuable time and money. The end result is always better this way, too.
— Sabine Bachmeier, Account Director, Vistapark GmbH Cologne

We came to Daniel to help us polish a pitch for a customer. The input he gave was invaluable and needless to say, we won the pitch. He’s helped us realise the difference between translation and transcreation too. Being a brand-fanatic and concept-driven copywriter, he always thinks about the purpose of the copy and how it needs to work for the international English-speaking market.
— Lars Gieleßen, Head of Strategy & Business Development, Palmer Hargreaves Cologne

Daniel helped write our crowdfunding campaign when we were starting out and now we’re established on the market he continues to write our website copy and other material. (We love the “Syncing Simplicity” slogan Dan!). He has delved into a complex subject matter and made it accessible to everyone.
— Ulrich Esser, Tentacle Sync,

In Deutschland?

We understand you. And then we write in our language.

Wir sprechen zee Deutsch, ja!

All Copy Meister copywriters are native in the language they write in. They are also fluent in German, or have experience of at least one foreign language. This opens up a new level of linguistic understanding that gives you the following benefits:

  • We can do the briefing/conduct meetings in German – which means no extra work for you translating a brief for us. This also reduces the chance of us miscommunicating ideas.

  • We understand when the target language needs to be toned down for an ‘international’ audience. As much as we love writing for natives, sometimes that’s not your target audience.

  • We can also transcreate from German into English. This means taking the original German message and communicating the idea in a way that has the target audience in mind. This isn’t a basic translation that forgets the purpose of the original text. This is a newly created text that will get the results you’re looking for.

In short: “We can brief in German if that makes life easier for you.”


What is transcreation?

Forget translation. We work with your ideas, not just your words.

Source and target languages are fundamentally different. What works in one might not work in another. The original message was created for people of one language, one culture. We need to bring the message and the idea to people of a different language and culture: the people we are experts in understanding. The phrases, sense of humour, timing or delivery will be different and cannot be translated. Maybe what works in one culture, is taboo in another.

We free ourselves from the source language and think in the target. Well actually, we think about the people in the target language. The ones you want to persuade. The ones you want to act. We won’t produce content that sounds wooden or awkward. If something needs changing, we’ll change it. At the end of the day, we know what will get the best results. We are the experts. Let us take you out of your comfort zone. Trust us.

In short: “We understand where the language comes from. We know where it needs to go.”



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