The man behind Copy Meister

A talented copywriter. An asset to brands worldwide.

Daniel Geal.jpg

The founder of Copy Meister is Daniel Geal, an English-speaking senior copywriter with over 10 years’ experience writing copy for some of the greatest clients in the world. Originally from Brighton & Hove in the UK, he’s currently based in Cologne, Germany and works for clients both in-house and remotely. He is also fluent in German, which offers an added bonus for clients who want to brief in the language and he understands the need for high-quality transcreation too. He doesn’t dream of writing a novel, or becoming a journalist: he’s only interested in writing great advertising copy.

“Here at Copy Meister, we’re all word nerds. Yet writing copy isn’t about me or my colleagues trying to prove how great we are at writing. It’s about helping you connect with your customers in your voice. In fact, the hardest copy I’ve personally ever had to write is probably this here, about myself. It’s the most I-centric thing I’ve ever composed. But enough about me – I’d rather focus on you and your customers.”

In short: “British senior copywriter. Writes in English, fluent in German. Focussed on winning you business.”